trintellix side effects

Trintellix is a drug used to treat the patient suffering from depression and related problems. So, you might not familiar with this drug in your life unless your close relatives had to use it. But, you may be a medical professional or a member of a family which is having a patient with these symptoms. Since the anxiety also a sibling of this disorder, sometimes you can see the doctors are recommending this treatment for them as well. But, the required dosage will decide by the medical experts. So, you have to obey the advises given by them to get well soon. However, since these patients are having a psychological impairment, they do not agree for what others said. So, as a family member, it is your duty to discuss with the patient to increase their desire to take medications. At the same time, you must aware of trintellix side effects as well.

Does weight gain is a trintellix side effects?

side effects of trintellix

Even though most of the drugs in this family can course adverse effects for your figure by increasing pounds of fat mass, there are some drugs which are behaving in a nice manner. So, trintellix is owing to the second group and it will not cause for gaining weight as an indirect effect. Hence, once they prescribe this for you, do not hesitate to take it in accordance with a given prescription. Definitely, you can cure the disease while maintaining body weight.

But, since caring is the best solution over curing, it is good if you can control a bit of your diet. At the same time remember to do about half an hour aerobic exercises to keep your systems healthy as possible. The thing is, if you are a close relative of the patient, you have to keep in mind that they always need a motivation to do all these.

Can trintellix side effects cause for abnormal dreams?

Sometimes, you may have heard the patients who are having depressive symptoms are always complaining about sleepless nights. They might tell that they couldn’t hug the princes of sleep just because of abnormal dreams. Probably, the dreams are disturbing to them.

Often, this is not a symptom of it. But, it can be due to medication therapy. Most of the antidepressants including what we are discussing today may disturb to your sleep. So, if you are educated enough to understand this phenomenon, you might cope up with it. But, if not, the medical professionals have enough role to play here through advising family members and counselling. Otherwise, the patient might further depress by thinking they are going bad. That is why they have to clearly understand this troublesome dreams will subside once terminate the course of the drug.

Is it necessary to keep eyes on the patient?

Yes! No matter what is the type of illness, a patient needs care. But, if a patient suffering from psychiatric related disorder they need extra care than usual. Actually, higher chances are there to happen a bad incidence. It can be due to the influence of disease or side effect of a drug.

So, suicidal attempts and self-harming feeling are also the side effects of trintellix. It means, if your loved one is under this therapy, you have to always be at the side of him or her. We have no idea what they think and what they will do unless they express their feelings with us. So, close observation will help you to ensure their safety. Sometimes, they might not prefer this. Hence, you have to be strategic to look after them while giving their freedom.

What are the trintellix sexual side effects?

trintellix sexual side effects

No doubt, the depressive patients will not on desire for sexual activities. At the same time, once they had to use this drug for a longer period, it will decrease further. So, they often have erectile dysfunctions, ejaculation problems, vaginal dryness and lack of desire or libido as the effects of trintellix. Further, these symptoms are common for everyone without gender difference.

Does it cause other usual side effects with a drug?

Actually, the adverse effects are common for all the drugs. This is due to its chemical nature. So, the headache, nausea and vomiting along with general body pain are the commonest ones. But, all of the people who are under drug therapy will not show all these. It means only if your body conditions are not strong enough to bear its chemical nature, you will suffer from these short term and common issues. Hence, this is the same for this particular drugs as well.

What are the usual dosages for trintellix?

First and foremost, the dosage will decide by your doctor or pharmacist. So, you have to obey their advice for better result. Normally, they will start the drug with the minimum required amount but later that will take actions to increase it as needed. Hence, probably you might have to take about 10mg. If your condition goes well, they will terminate the drug. But, if it goes bad, they will increase this amount up to 20mg or more as needed.

Can we omit it ones symptoms subsides?

Yes! But, actually, we can’t do it without proper medical advice. Even though you feel now you are ok, there may be some silent symptoms. So, the best way is waiting for a consultation with an expert. They will carry out an assessment with current best pieces of evidence. At last, they will divide whether you can terminate the drug therapy or not. Since this is a clinically proven method, your health is preserved with it.

Who will prescribe this for a patient with anxiety

As I told earlier, the qualified medical professional can prescribe this drug for the patients. But, since this is related to mental disorders, often the psychiatrists have the authority for it than others.

The outlook

Once you read all the facts given in the above lines you may be able to understand the trintellix side effects and it’s management options. Since this is a psychotic disorder, you must pay extra attention to the patient’s safety while treating them. So, we invite you to use this resource to improve your clinical results as a medical person and to improve the symptoms of the disease as a victim. Well, now we are going to say goodbye to you from here. But, we hope to meet you sooner with another useful writing.


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