Clindamycin Side Effects

Do you have experiences of using clindamycin in your medication chart? So, definitely, you may have undergone a disease related to harmful bacteria. That is why your doctor prescribing this medication to you. Probably, respiratory tract infections are treated with this drug therapy. Further, the chronic wounds or ulcers and some internal bacterial infections are also treating using a course of Cleocin. But, do you have ever thought of Clindamycin side effects? Sometimes, you might suffer from these throughout the course of the drug. So, will it not become a useful thing to search a little on this? Then, you can be aware of the symptoms which are arising due to other reason. Well, today we are going to give some interesting facts in this drug and it’s side effects through a few frequently asked question. Hence, you could be able to take your next dose without doubts and confusions.

Can clindamycin side effects cause suicidal thoughts?

Simply, this is an antibiotic drug. So, you may use this for normal persons as well as persons who are suffering from mental illnesses. Hence, we have to think in two different ways. First of all, the normally healthy persons will not show any symptoms related to suicidal thought by using this. But, sometimes the people who are in other medications for psychiatric issues may expose to such vivid thoughts. Thus, probably, it is not a side effect of this tablet.

Is my vaginal itch due to the clindamycin side effects?

Yes! The vaginal problems such as itching, abnormal coloured discharge from the vaginal area or redness and rashes are common among the people who are under long term clindamycin course. But, do not strict into this reason if it is really bad. Visiting experts in the field is mandatory in such a situation.

Can this cause bowel and bladder problems?

Since this is powerful enough to kill the bacterial cells, it has an advanced chemical structure. So, it can change so many normal functions happening inside the body. The changes in urination and defecation some of the bad influence of this. Hence, difficulty in passing stools, constipation and urinary problems are often associated with this drug. So, you might feel pain and burning sensation while passing urine. But, do not worry. it will settle after terminating the course of the drug by curing the main impairment.

Soon after usage, I am getting a headache. Is it common?

Even though headache and dizziness is a common side effect of this for the majority of people, it will not cause severe and immediate symptoms. Sometimes, it might be. But, if you feel it is a little abnormal one with past experiences, it is better to go to the nearest clinic. However, mild headache and general body pain or weakness can be due to the adverse reactions of The Cleocin chemical nature. So, resting is the most effective solution to allow the drug to utilize its chemicals to kill the harmful bacterial cells. Your doctor will often prescribe a pain killer to avoid this disturbance. Hence, these symptoms will go away within a few minutes to an hour after taking your dosage.

Is sore throat a common side effect of clindamycin?

side effect of clindamycin

A few pieces of evidence are there in the literature regarding the cases which patients end up with sore throat as a side effect of Cleocin. But, this is not a common effect. It means only a few percentages of patients have experienced this. Sometimes, this may be due to the interaction of chemical substances of different drugs. Usually, we are not taking Cleocin alone!

What will happen if I used more than the recommended dosage?

The adequate dosage will be decided by your healthcare professional. Sometimes, he may be a doctor, pharmacist or respiratory therapist. So, consuming more than it will or give you a sudden cure. But, it can course for other varying problems. Hence, do not try to go over medical advice. Since they are the experts in the field with adequate clinical exposure, they will prescribe all these for your betterment.

What are Heartburn and clindamycin HCl side effects?

clindamycin HCl side effects

Cleocin HCl means the hydrochloric acids content in the drug. As we all know, our body itself will secrete this acid to digest the foods we have taken. So, the food will breakdown into small particles through the acidic power of HCL inside the stomach. But, once we take Cleocin, it can increase the HCL level in the stomach than usual. Hence, you will feel it as temporary gastritis effects by causing for heartburn.

So, do not forget to remind your doctor if you already have gastritis. If so, they will provide adequate care for it as well. Probably, they might already prescribe the capsule with tiny seeds. Then, it is for this issue. Hence, do not skip this capsule when you taking Cleocin.

How can I manage these issues at home?

The simple types of side effects such as nausea and mild headache can manage with daily remedies. Probably, rest is the ideal solution for this. In addition to that, you can manage burning sensation when passing my the urine, constipation and heartburn through a few dietary modifications. So, adding more fruits with fibres to manage constipation and having a cup of white milk or yoghurt to manage heartburn are common home remedies.

Does it has major problems in pregnancy than in a normal person?

Yes! Pregnancy is a vital life challenge for women. So, she has to protect her baby while taking medications for different conditions when needed. So, following medical advice is the best. They will prescribe drugs only if it is serious enough to manage with drugs. Further, Cleocin does not have much reported major issues for pregnant women. But, it is better to care about ourselves before exposing to such matter.

The outlook

The Cleocin is a drug used to treat a number of diseases associated with bacterial infections. But, it can also cause an array of adverse effects due to its chemical nature. So, once you identify all these clindamycin side effects, you can add some home remedies to cope up with it. Further, the medical treatment plan itself also have some options to manage those. At last, we hope this piece of content will provide answers for most common questions regarding this. Hence, we invite you to utilize this knowledge for your betterment when needed. Further, we will meet you sooner with another useful writing.


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