Essential Oils for Bone Spurs

The vulnerability for bone spurs is a common problem in this modernist are due to certain reasons. Commonly, those reasons include careless usage of footwear such as shoes with pointed heels and heavy body weight. You may wonder how obesity can increase heel pains. But, actually, the Achilles tendon is the main body structure which helps to bear your weight. Thus, when the number of kilos increased, the pressure on this structure gradually goes up. Hence, there are more possibilities for micro traumas. This eventually can cause bone spurs around the heel. Well, even though this is a common condition, there is no much effective treatment except physiotherapy. But, it says you may also use essential oils for bone spurs and related issues. Actually, there are certain studies done to prove this fact.

But, the general idea is still not directed towards this. So, let’s discuss a bit on the positive aspect of using these herbs and other available treatment options.

3 the best essential oils for bone spurs

best essential oils for bone spurs


This is known as one of the best for reducing the exposure for heel pain due to its properties on fighting against inflammatory conditions. Certain studies done all over the world have recommended this as a general option to try in a multi routine therapy. But, this doesn’t mean to give up all other medications and therapies. So, simply you may add a small amount of this oil with lemongrass and apply it all over the affected area. Once you carry out this for two weeks in every morning and evening, you would be able to notice a relaxation.


The effects of peppermint oil have spread in many areas including managing headaches, muscle pains and acne. As with the same lines, it can reduce inflammation and pain associated with plantar fascia. So, this is also a worth to try option for long term suffers. The application method involves rubbing the painful spot with a few dots of this oil. Or else, you may also use ointments and lotions made using these extracts. But, if you are going to use the raw forms directly, make sure to mix some coconut oil drops before application.

Grapeseed Oil

The oil taken after keeping the grape seeds under pressure are also known as an effective treatment choice for heel pain. You may apply this in the same way with the other two kinds we discussed earlier.  But, it is good to move this option at last.

What is meant by bone spurs?

What is meant by bone spurs

Actually, this is a kind of common condition among young and older age groups. Basically, the most primary cause of this is the wear and tear of bones due to repetitive or excessive usage. Sometimes, these bone spurs are common around connective tissues as well. So, once these structures get ruptured, it again causes bone formation around it. But, usually, this secondary depositing calcium doesn’t take even surface as the natural bone and joint surfaces. Hence, it can eventually lead to side effects such as unbearable pain, limited range of motion and many more.

The osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis which is usually referred to as heel spurs are the commonest condition we can categories under this matter. Usually, when the fascia connected your heel bone is more prone to get ruptured due to excessive body weight. So, often, the people complaining about morning stiffness and early morning pain with the first few steps after getting up from the bed. Hence, nowadays, there are many treatment options to go through for faster relief other than the oil varieties we discussed earlier.

Other possible treatments for bone spurs?


This is the ideally prescribing option to get rid of heel bone spurs. Actually, they have certain modalities to reduce pain beyond the beliefs of using essential oils. At the same time, certain options such as ultrasound treatments can release the unnecessarily deposited calcium and by that, it will reduce the pressure on surrounding structures. Further, the acupressure or dry needling techniques may provide instant pain relief within a few sessions of treatments. The shock wave therapy used in physiotherapy modalities is also known as the best option for this matter. But, since you need an evidence-based practice, please be aware of the qualified physiotherapist. This is because of the malfunctions of most physicians and nurses by addressing as a physiotherapist.

So, if you fail to consult genuine professional, there is a risk to improve the condition towards the bad side due to wrong decision makings. Actually, this is a common mistake happening in most of the developing countries such as Sri Lanka, India and the middle east.


The Chinese acupuncture is also similar to dry needling in physiotherapy. So, it is better to have a try with this option under a qualified professional.

Anti-inflammatory medications and Surgeries

If you have undergone so many unauthorized treatments for long, the final option may direct into surgery. But, actually, the medications will do nothing other than controlling the symptoms. At the same time, since it can cause several adverse effects, it is worth to look for home remedies such as olive oil to relieve pain by successfully addressing anti-inflammatory properties.

The wrapped ideas at last…

Use of essential oils for bone spurs is a well-known home remedy to have instant relief from heel pain and arthritis. But, there are many scientifically proved practices through physiotherapy modalities to have long-lasting pain reduction. But, make sure to meet a qualified practitioner with a bachelors degree or master and PhD level in physiotherapy to avail all-around treatment options without side effects.



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