flonase side effects

Do you often suffer from symptoms such as cold and watery nose? So, you may have tried several home treatment recipes and medical therapies to get rid of this disturbing condition. If so, you may be familiar with the best-known drug Flonase. It is the commonly prescribing option for people who suffer from seasonal cold and related problems. Hence, can you remember the effect of this drug to minimise the symptoms? Or else, you might remember the extra troubles which you have to face over the period of intake. But, does all of them are caused only due to the side effects of Flonase or will there be any other reason behind this? It means sometimes the diet or counteracting drugs can cause such things. That is why you have to keep in mind the exact flonase side effects.

What are the commonest Flonase side effects?

flonase side effects

In line with most of the other drugs in the medical setup, this drug also contains both short term and long term adverse effects. But, it is not for all. Sometimes this drug may be better for you while disturbing for others. It means it works differently for patients. The main cause behind this varying type of reactions is the pattern of intake and individual tolerance. So, if you are strict enough to what the physician said, you do not need to worry much.

When it comes to short term effects, nausea, the feeling of vomits and headache are the commonest ones. However, there is nothing to worry if it subsides within a few hours. But, if it lasts more than forty-eight hours or two days, you have to visit the nearest clinic for expert’s advice.

Further, a few occasions are there which you need to seek immediate medical help. Those are the pain in ears, eyes, nose or face and bleeding from any of the place mentioned above. Even though these are not the long term effects, those are somewhat serious than the things discussed before.

Then, what are the long term adverse effects? The sudden or gradual weight loss over the period of intake and peripheral edemas is the popular side effects. Probably, the children and elderly people will affect this more than young and tolerable middle-aged ones.

Are these flonase side effects difficult to manage?

We cannot say it is difficult to manage at all the time. But, if some of the symptoms are really troubles by interacting with other underlying medical issues, you will have to spend a long period to manage it. Further, some occasions are there which you cannot replace this particular drug with any other option in order to address the main cause. If so, it will be another puzzle.

Furthermore, when you had to suffer from all these medical issues, there is a higher risk to face for anxiety related problems. So, let’s see what will happen if you have to face for such a situation and what are the reasons behind it.

Let’s go in depth about flonase Side effects anxiety related issues

Since this is a common corticosteroid drug it is prescribing for the Asthmatic and patients with respiratory problems. Probably, this group of people are suffering from anxiety due to the primary cause. So, they expect some cure for anxiety as well. But, unfortunately, this group of drugs will not cure anxiety and depression.

In contrast to cure, it can cause to aggravate the condition. It means since this is a long term side effect of the drug we are discussing today, it will trigger the symptoms more and more. So, the people who suffer from this condition should inform the doctor or pharmacist prior to deciding treatment options. Hence, it will give a chance to rethink on another best alternative drugs for them.

Few facts on uses of Flonase over side effects

flonase side effects

Usually, we are taking drugs only if there are uses more than adverse effects. Otherwise, it will be the same as to digging a hole to make trouble for us by ourselves. So, definitely, this drug has a number of awesome benefits for people who suffer from breathing issues.

We have discussed most of these indications under the main facts discussed earlier. So, as a short memory the cold, eye inflammation, nose bleeding, watery or runny nose, asthma are the common uses of this drug.

Do you need to think of replacing this at any point?

Simply, we have to replace a drug when there is mild to severe allergic reactions or contraindications. Similarly, if you are a person who allergic to Flonase, you can think of another drug with the same medical effects. But, you have to take medical advice for it. As the same way, the lactating mothers and pregnant women should pay extra attention when using it.

Further, having this type of drugs for prolonged periods can reduce the tolerance for physical stress. Even though this is not a precaution to use it, you have to inform it for the physiotherapist prior to start a high-intensity workout. In the same line, you have to discuss with the surgeon before undergoing a surgery or equal procedure.

Are there any dietary precautions while getting this drug?

Certain types of foods and preservatives can interact with the chemical nature of drugs by causing so many issues. So, it is good to think of the best dietary practices within the treatment period. Most often, the experts saying having Flonase with grapefruit or juice is not good. But, if it is really unavoidable, you can take a decision after talking to a dietitian.

Did the physicians prescribed it for every day

The nasal route is a popular way to consume this drug for common problems. So, the doctor might tell you to have it daily or once in a day. Usually, this frequency depends upon the personal factors. Hence, it is fine. But, theoretically, it is not good as a daily medicine. Thus, currently, most of the doctors are not issuing a prescription to have it once a day.

The last lines

The uses of drugs are always ahead when compared to the side effects of Flonase. So, it is better to explore the extra facts on this drug before using it. We hope this writing will help you to grab almost all the info on it. But, if you have any doubt, you can just contact us via comment line. We are always ready to help you. At last, let’s keep the end mark for this writing while hoping to meet you sooner with another content.


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