Xarelto Side Effects

When you are suffering from mild to severe illnesses, you will have to depend on the medication plan what doctors are stating. Sometimes, we used to have all of these drugs without knowing what it is. But, if you could know at least uses of a particular drug in line with the dosage, it will help you a lot to have a healthy lifestyle. So, today we selected the drug Xarelto for this discussion. We hope this piece of content will help our fans to gather more info in its uses, adequate dosage, the occasions which can increase the dosage and possible bad effects. Knowing  Xarelto side effects may be a great thing from all the points highlighted in the above few lines. It means we have to know the real info before discussing its usefulness with the experts. Then, you will be able to take adequate precautions to avoid those bad effects.

3 commonest Xarelto side effects

First of all, we have to understand the mode of action of this drug. So, it will ease your effort to find out the causes behind its side effects. Once you get in touch with all these, it will help you to cope up with the disease as well as effects of the drug. Hence, let’s see these three common symptoms complaining by the parts who are under Xarelto therapy.

1. Bleeding

Since this is an anticoagulant, it will prevent blood clot formation even after a minor injury at any place of your body. So, it can lead to bleeding which is exposed to outer areas. That is why the patients are often experiencing nose and gum bleeds. But, the bloody sputum and stools are also not rarely seen symptoms. Hence, you have to understand, it is due to the effects of the drug but not due to another illness.

2. Headaches and dizziness

These type of symptoms are common among anyone who is on medical therapy. But, do not just exclude those by thinking it is only a side effect. Sometimes, it might be the initial sign of a serious medical issue. However, if your doctor and medical staff confirmed it is only due to the drug reactions, there is nothing more to consider. So, you have to be patient until it subsides after finishing the main course of drug therapy or until you getting used to it.

3. Bowel and bladder impairments

First and foremost, these symptoms are not serious and long-lasting ones unless you ignore them during the hospital stay. It means since you had to suffer from it throughout the drug therapy, you have to strengthen your muscles around the anal sphincter to manage it well. So, it is better to seek help from your physiotherapist.

What are the other rare Xarelto side effects?

Even though the facts mentioning above are common for everyone, there are some symptoms which we can notice only with a few percentages of patients. Actually, this can be due to personal factors. It means the age, tolerance for drugs and diet along with other underlying medical issues can be a barrier to have a calm and quite cure. So, your body itself will wake up against the drug you inserted through varying ways.

But, if you know the possible adverse reactions after having this tablet for more than three days, you can keep an eye in your body. So, if there is any change, you just need to contact the experts in a medical setup. Since you are the most talented and expert reader of your body, no one can notice the mild changes in it than you.

So, always pay your attention to realize whether there is a weakness on the lower limbs with or without numbness or considerable change in urination.

It means if you had to go for toilets more frequently, but the feeling of burning or painful sensation, it can be an effect of this drug. In addition to all these, the chest tightness which leads to breathing problems, severe joint and muscular pain with spasms and abdominal pain are also noted under rare symptoms.

Dietary precautions to avoid side effects of Xarelto

As usual, we have to think of varying types of precautions before having this drug as well. We know kinds of drugs, beverages and food items can adversely affect our body by acting with another type of drug or similar agents. So, considering dietary practices in line with expert’s advice is mandatory to avoid such complex situations.

Even though medical experts can minimize interacting tablets, they never can stop what you are eating. But, definitely, they will give the needed advice without keeping any gap. So, we are also going to highlight a few facts regarding this.

First of all, having alcohol while under this therapy is extremely bad. So, it is better to avoid the food and beverages made using alcoholic agents such as cakes, Sweets Etc. Next; even though there are no such foods that you have to avoid while taking Xarelto tablets, you have to be aware of some allergic reactions.

What does Xarelto side effects mayo clinic reveal?

It is not another evidence, but, once you visit Mayo clinic, you may be able to know an array of facts on this drug. These may extend from the simple uses and dosage to complex management techniques.

Let’s look at a bit about uses of this drug as well!

Well, now, you know this is a blood thinning tablet. So, when will your doctor prescribe this? Simply, this is a medication used to treat disorders associated with blood coagulation. Hence, the thrombosis on deep veins or DVT, embolus in pulmonary circulation or PE and atrial fibrillation are the common indication of it. The doctor will decide the dosage and frequency as needed. So, you just have to obey the advice to get well soon.

The outlook

So far, we discussed the most important facts on Xarelto side effects. But, an array of other details are there to understand by yourself as a long term dependent patient on this drug. It is not to have it without medical advice but to know how to be safe during the period of therapy. So, we hope to meet you sooner with additional facts on this. You may keep reading us until the next post!



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