Pravastatin Side Effects

Do you wait for hours in the cues in front of clinics to take medications for your heart disease? Sometime, you may be a long dependent on the medications due to your heart condition. But, did you ever think of what are the drugs you are using and how is it interacting inside your body? Even it can damage the tiny cells of your internal organs. Isn’t it? So, it is good to explore a bit on the drugs you use daily. That is why we thought of presenting this info on Pravastatin side effects. Since this is a common medication used to treat diseases related to the human heart, the patient must know its bad side as well. As the very first lines let’s introduce the drug. Simply,  this is another member of the statin family. And, it is marketing under the brand name of Pravachol.

Can Pravastatin side effects become dangerous?

Before discussing its side effects, let’s collect a few words for the introduction. So, further, it is the drug used to treat for a number of cardiorespiratory diseases. Mainly, this member of the statin family is good to treat for cholesterol-related conditions in the heart. But, the drug alone will not offer you a successful end result. So, you have to add lifestyle changes, dietary habits and exercises as appropriate.

Otherwise, you may end up with a severe stage than you are. Probably this is due to the long term drug usage. Since you are not cooperating with the above conservative management methods, you will have to take the drug for years. But, there may not visible changes in the disease as well. So, the ultimate result will be side effects. Pravastatin can cause two types of adverse effects. These are often classified as less serious or short term symptoms and long term effects.

Often, the long term effects can become serious than immediate ones. Sometimes, it may be due to negligence or silent attacks without showing symptoms for long. So, let’s have a look at both the types for better understanding.

The common Pravastatin side effects

side effects of pravastatin

Joint and muscle pain

The general body pains are common with most of the drugs in this statin family. So, ones you take your dose, you will feel like disturbing to your whole functions. But, most of the times the doctors are thinking about this before you suffer. That is why there is a painkiller in your medication chart.

Nausea, headache, vomiting

These are the commonest adverse reactions of almost all the drugs in a medical setup. The medications are something that we take from outside. So, the internal body will not accept them until it adapts. Hence, it will show some symptoms of drug rejections. The results may be shown like this. But, do not worry it will subside once the course of the drug was terminated or once your internal body gets used to its chemical nature.

Stomach disturbances

The same reason discussed under the above explanation works here. So, the abdominal pains, diarrhoea or constipation are common after taking a new drug. Hence, statins often cause severe diarrhoea. Sometimes, this can be due to drug interactions or food allergies as well. If so, your physician will carry out necessary investigations to identify the real background of the condition.

What are the less common but serious side effects of Pravastatin


When the short term side effects last for long, it can cause more severe conditions later on. This is also such a serious impairment. So, this is the condition which is associated with the rapid breakdown of skeletal muscles. Hence, probably, we can see atrophic major muscle groups. Further, the patient may complaint progressive muscle and joint pains, general body weaknesses and yellowish colour of urine.

So, if you are a patient or patient’s relation who identify this condition, you have to inform this as much as possible to you your health care team. But, if you are a medical professional who noticed this at first, you have a responsibility to take adequate actions.

Liver and kidney failures

Once you depend on the drugs for long, it is common to suffer from organ failures at later stages of your life. Probably, your liver and kidney will work fast and effectively to fight with the chemical nature of the drugs. So, sooner it will go bad. That is why you have to add dietary and lifestyle changes along with exercises to control the number of tablets per term. Thus, the disease may turn positive while protecting your internal body and functions.


Several studies show that statin family drugs can cause high blood glucose. Often, this can be categorised as type 2 diabetes. However, this fact is still under research. So, we can expect more interesting findings in the future. Further, the experts still recommend this drug to treat for heart conditions.

Drug interactions with Pravastatin

Do you know certain drugs can interact with each other to create bad effects for our body? So, the HIV inhibitors and some other drugs used to lower the blood cholesterol level and many more can react with this drug. Ultimately, it will cause adverse effects. So, always seek help from your medical team before using any of the tablets on your own.

When to prevent Pravastatin as a drug?

pravastatin sodium side effects

Even though this is an ideal drug to treat for patients suffering from heart-related conditions, there are some occasions you have to prevent it. The pregnancy is one such significant life stage. So, if you use this drug during the period of pregnancy, it may affect badly for your child. Provably, it may be a serious birth defect.

Further, the mothers who are feeding their babies through breast milk should avoid the dosage. As the current evidenced suggest it can cause abnormal lipid metabolism. So, medical professionals should seek an alternative solution in such cases. Actually, we cannot exclude the mother’s health. It is a huge responsibility to protect the health status of the mother and child at the same time. So, the health care team should be responsible to prevent such pravastatin sodium side effects.

The last words

The statin family drugs successfully work for the heart-related condition. But, there are some facts to know before using them in order to avoid adverse reactions and future health problems. That is why we have discussed the pravastatin side effects through this piece of writing. So, we invite you to collect this data for the betterment of yourself and society. We will meet you sooner with one of other valuable contents.


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