Zetia Side Effects

Suffering from a disease is one of the troublesome situations for our lives. It doesn’t matter how much it has extended in your body, even a simple headache can be a barrier to our daily tasks. Sometimes, being under medical supervision or adhere to a treatment plan may become an even more disturbance during such conditions. So, can you think how much a burden is there for a patient who has to take a long term drug course for a non-communicable disease? Not only these two, but they are also suffering from side effects as well. But, we have to get used to thinking in a positive manner. Hence, you can just believe, even though all these are the truth, you can turn them into a brighter side with proper care.

That is why you have to have a proper point of view on the drugs you are using and its side effects. As another step to share these facts with you, today, we thought of discussing deeply on Zetia side effects.

10 common Zetia side effects

side effects of zetia

The Zetia or Ezetimibe is a drug used to treat patients with high cholesterol levels in their blood. Further, this is another member of the statin family. Since most of the patients with this medical condition are usually depend on the treatment plan consisting of Zetia, the scientists have identified several common side effects of it. So, first of all, let’s go through a quick scan of those.


As usual with other drugs, pain around the head is a common symptom among the patients who are using this drug for long. This headache can be a superficial type or deep according to patient factors.

Discoloured urine

Often, patients are complaining about dark coloured urine and also sometimes, pain or burning sensation with urination.


Almost all the people who are taking this drug have problems regarding passing stools. Sometimes, it will not extract constipation, but, they often suffer from difficulty in passing stools. And it takes the black tarry colour and texture as well.

Abdominal pain

Gastritis related pain or burning type of sensation along with gaseous feeling is one of another problem within a few hours of taking this drug. Further, the bloating also common among the people who use this for years.

This bloatedness can cause for pseudo weight gain as well. So, some people think this drug may have effects to gain weight. However, this fact is still under research. Hence, let’s wait until the experts announce whether this can cause weight gain and by that for diabetes. Until that, it’s better to be aware of keeping in mind about the risk.

Let’s continue to see  Zetia side effects

General body weakness

The chemical nature of any drug can cause to diminish natural moral of the body through diminishing functions of the cells. But, this feeling will subside after a few hours until the next dose.


The meaning of this word in medicine is increased heart rate. We usually experienced elevated pulse at an emergency situation or after any kind of aerobic activities. But, do you know this single drug can significantly increase your pulse rate. So, it can even lead to high blood pressure as well.


I’m reading body temperature us a common and less dangerous unless it is due to harmful microbial background.

Muscle cramps

The distal oedemas conditions are common among patients with high blood cholesterol. Simply, cramps and spasms in the muscles are not the rare side effects after a long course of this drug.

Skin changes

If you are taking this drug for years you might experience yellowish skin under the eyes and fingers. Not only that the rashes and bruises are also common side effects of it.

Nausea and vomiting

As same as to the headaches, these are the general type of symptoms we can see through a one who begins the drug therapy after a long interval or as the first course of treatment.

Does Zetia side effects cause for serious medical issues?

zetia side effects mayo clinic

Yes! Some of the side effects can become more serious than we imagine. The organ failures such as liver or kidney are commonly connected with the side effects of statins. Further, even though we think fever, abdominal pains are not severe and can subside after getting used to its chemical nature, it is not always correct.

These simple type of effects can become life-threatening conditions just due to an allergic condition. If you need to know more about these longterm and serious effects you can just refer the Zetia side effects mayo clinic.

When to take your dose to avoid side effects of Zetia

There is not that such a strict guideline on this drug regarding the time of administration.  it is taking through the oral route as a tablet, the patient himself can take their doses. But, if you are not a medical expert on pharmacology and the indication very well, do not keep steps forward to take it on your own. It is always preferred to use the medication chart given by the expert’s team to decide when to take the next tablet.

what is the preferred dose?

The dosage of the drug will depend on personal factors. So, your physician will analyze the extent of disease, age and other medical issues when prescribing the ideal dose. Hence, we highly recommend your flexibility towards the advice given by the medical team regarding the dose.

What if you miss the dose or if you take a huge dose?

When you exceed your dose, it is better to seek for immediate medical help. But, if you miss the dose you can take two decision. The first one of taking it when remembered. Or else, wait until next dose.

Is there any similar drug to replace Zetia

Yes! This is not the one and only drug available for patients with high cholesterol. So, if it is really troublesome to live with these side-effects, you can request for a replacement. The medical team will make the ideal decision by considering all other factors.

The outlook

Well, so far we have discussed the common Zetia side effects along with the preferred dosages. And also, we have paid the attention to frequent issues that a person suffering after a long term drug course. At last, we are going to keep the full stop for this writing. But, we hope to meet you sooner with another medication and it’s a side effect as this.


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